Birds I view: EOTR (2015)


‘Birds I View’ has been a dream of mine for a little while now, and with the help of my two buddies (Gosia and Kizzie), last summer it became a reality. 

But what exactly is it? Well, it’s a little difficult to explain, but here we go…

Birds I View is a small, flatpack, homemade bird hide, with three little illustrators/artists sat inside. It is surrounded by bird feeders and the gentle sound of bird song drifts through the air to attract festival goers, who are then observed and catalogued. By catalogued I mean drawn, as strange newly discovered birds, with cool latin names. Then they are released back into the wild unharmed, with proof of their avian alter-ego in hand drawn picture format. 

In 2015 we took Birds I View to End of The Road festival where we had a brill time and were even mentioned in Clash MagazineSonny Malhotra took some great photos of the hide too…

birds-2 birds-3 birds-5

This summer we are setting off to Greenman Festival, see you there our feathery friends!

If you are interested in having Birds I View (or something similar) at your event, drop me an email:

You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter, look sometimes people even tweet us:


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