No. 1 Papa

So sometimes I make paper mache busts of my friends and family (for my friends and family). Here I present to you my favourite photo of my dad (I keep it on my desktop at all times so I can open it if I feel sad) and the corresponding paper mache version…

no. 1 papa

(fun fact about me: I flippin’ love paper mache)

  1. Louise Williams said:

    Hi lily
    I love this image of your dad ! We are doing a pop up shop starting 07 June til 25 June
    If you would like to sell work let me know – workshops next week also if you are back for summer
    Hope uni life is suiting you
    Louise x


    • Lily said:

      Hey Louise!

      Awh thank you, I would love to with all my heart, but I am sticking around in Durham until July, it is busy busy busy up here. The exhibition is looking great in the photos!

      It is, but college will always have a special place in my heart. Hope you are all well, send my love to everyone X


  2. rolo said:

    OMG! If I had that photo on my desk, I’d be frightened all the time, never get any work done, and never sleep. I remember a time when little Jimmy was a sweet, clean-cut lad. Dear girl, what did you do to your poor papa?


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