RAF Upper Heyford: Cats

lol ceramics is life

Okay so you may be thinking to yourself, ‘why would you make so many ceramic cats Lily?’ and to be honest, I’m not quite sure what the answer to that question is.

The cats began as one aspect of my RAF Upper Heyford Project, when on one visit I brought a china cat from a couple of girls trying to raise money for charity. I used it to make a slip mold and from this made about 50 cats (and counting). Most are raku fired, meaning they were burnt in a home made kiln outside (with lots of marshmallows).

I gave ten back to Heyford Park, the residential section of RAF Upper Heyford…

Heyford cats: 3 Heyford cats: 1Heyford cats: 7Heyford cats: 6Heyford cats: 4Heyford cats: 2Heyford cats: 4

With raku firing you never quite know how the glaze will come out (or if the cats will just explode, exciting right?), that means no two cats are the same. Here are some of the crew…

cat 4 cat 3 cat 2 cat 5



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