Monthly Archives: July 2016

So sometimes I get involved in a bit of student activism, coz it is practically the duty of every Sociology student. After my exams were over this year, I organised a protest gig with a lot of help from my friends (thank you!!!!!!). It was part of a wider campaign against Durham Uni’s spiraling accommodation and international fees.

I did a bit of drawing in the lead up to the event to, you know, just introduce some of the brill musicians and bands who were going to play.

four dead talented ladies

The gig was a wake (*cough* six month late after party *cough*), following Durham student’s funeral for accessible education in December.

Empty Shop (go check them out, they are gr9) kindly let us use their space and it all ended up going pretty well. Take a look at the gravestone backdrop I painted for the night next to a fun time photo of me bossing my friends around

gig photos

Oh and look here are some more photos of how busy the place got, because I still can’t quite believe it…

more gig photos