Monthly Archives: October 2016

Hey so I did something that is not so strange really (but feels very strange anyway) and moved to Canada for a year to study and maybe do some exploring. I hope to continue doing some art here but it is very very busy, and I am very very busy. Take for example the other day, I just went on over to Niagara Falls. Weird huh?

But if/when/maybe I do some art here of course I will keep you in the loop, don’t you worry.

Anyway, I’ve only just really had the chance to sit down and think a bit about when the Birds I Crew took Birds I View to Greenman Festival this summer. You should know the drill by now but incase you don’t, you can read all about this thing I sometimes do with some pals right here.

Things were a bit different this year because cheeeeeeeeck it ooooooout we made a new roof and painted the inside all funky…


So… I was a numpty and forgot to take a proper camera with me to the festival, but in a fortunate turn of events I got a disposable camera for my bday so still managed to get a few good snaps.


Despite the rain, the festival folk remained keen beans. Much to our admiration they braved the weather whist being catalogued (aka we were very busy and burned through many felt tip pens. Those felt tip pens were the true heroes of this installation, they will be remembered.)  Ooh and check out the inside. It looked pretty cool at night this year, because it was all lit up with fairy lights.


People have also been tweeting some of their pics to us as well, which was pretty neat of them, thanks guys. You can check out our twitter at @thebirdsiview and also there are more snaps you can have a look through on our facebook page.