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Some of the buildings at Queens are well nice. I really love concrete, the more concrete the better. My favourite place on campus is this courtyard…


A few weeks ago I made a lil’ thumbnail zine of this building, (it’s a really neat building) to send to a friend back home in the UK. I had a fun time doing it and I wanted to make more, so when I was asked to submit some art to an auction for Newcastle University I knew what I was gonna do.

But by then it had got too cold to go out and draw the cool buildings around here. Luckily google exists. I ending making a few little thumbnail zines which focused on Brutalism – aka concrete.


Here is a close up of some of the lil’ illustrations…


I don’t know if they come across so well over the screen, but maybe I’ll make a few more (make them a bit more Exciting™) and sell them at some point in the near future so one day you can own one irl.

You can see other works on sale at the auction here:

Love you like I love concrete xox


I’ve been doing quite a bit of work for the Dead Women Poets Society recently, which is always nice to do coz those guys are lovely and you should really check out their stuff. You can see the original illustrations I did of the four founding members right here.

Since my initial involvement with the group, they’ve gone to host loads of exciting events as they carve out spaces for female poets (both dead and alive). I guess I kinda illustrate everyone that is invited to speak at the DWPS shows, which means I’ve gathered a little collection of some awesome poets…


Because I’m in Canada for a while, it means I can’t make any of their events, which is sad. But you might not be in Canada! In fact you might (well, probably are) in the UK. So what do ya think? Wanna go see some cool women read out some of their cool words? If you’re around Sheffield on the 3rd of December go check them out.

The poets illustrated above are:

You can listen to the song I’ve been listening to on loop whilst writing this here.

catcha later x