Brutal – Zines

Some of the buildings at Queens are well nice. I really love concrete, the more concrete the better. My favourite place on campus is this courtyard…


A few weeks ago I made a lil’ thumbnail zine of this building, (it’s a really neat building) to send to a friend back home in the UK. I had a fun time doing it and I wanted to make more, so when I was asked to submit some art to an auction for Newcastle University I knew what I was gonna do.

But by then it had got too cold to go out and draw the cool buildings around here. Luckily google exists. I ending making a few little thumbnail zines which focused on Brutalism – aka concrete.


Here is a close up of some of the lil’ illustrations…


I don’t know if they come across so well over the screen, but maybe I’ll make a few more (make them a bit more Exciting™) and sell them at some point in the near future so one day you can own one irl.

You can see other works on sale at the auction here:

Love you like I love concrete xox


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