Hiya, Durham University are once again making a terrible decision, to add to the pile of other terrible decisions they make on a frequent basis. They are planning to knock down Dunelm House, the current students’ union and ha, the best example of brutalist architecture in the North East. Urgh.

I could talk about it for a long time, but you can read more about it before you sign the petition here.

This summer some illustrations I did of Dunelm House were in the second Shy Bairns‘ zine, alongside the work of a load of really cool artists who live in the north.

I think you can still get some copies in all their risograph glory here.

I’ve carved out some p handy rubber stamps to make a bunch of post it notes to leave around Durham…

(…and also to stamp all over me and my pals)



I’m back at university in Durham and have been v busy and it is p strange, but sometimes I sit in the conservatory with my friends and eat a lot of potato based frozen foods. The space heater is turned on full to keep the chill out, the N.E. sun streams in through all the windows and it feels magic.

Favourite bites of potato goodness consumed in this glassy cage so far:

  • hashbrowns
  • hashbrowns
  • hashbrowns
  • hashbrowns

I really like making those little A4 folding zines atm, you know the guys, it’s a real nice format to work in and easy to photocopy. So I’ve been churning out quite a few (lol, like 2) in the last week or so.

Byeeeeeee xxxxxxxxx

(oh also I got a placement with this real cool arts venue called TESTT this year and I’m really excited and will write about it more soon)

Some of the buildings at Queens are well nice. I really love concrete, the more concrete the better. My favourite place on campus is this courtyard…


A few weeks ago I made a lil’ thumbnail zine of this building, (it’s a really neat building) to send to a friend back home in the UK. I had a fun time doing it and I wanted to make more, so when I was asked to submit some art to an auction for Newcastle University I knew what I was gonna do.

But by then it had got too cold to go out and draw the cool buildings around here. Luckily google exists. I ending making a few little thumbnail zines which focused on Brutalism – aka concrete.


Here is a close up of some of the lil’ illustrations…


I don’t know if they come across so well over the screen, but maybe I’ll make a few more (make them a bit more Exciting™) and sell them at some point in the near future so one day you can own one irl.

You can see other works on sale at the auction here:

Love you like I love concrete xox

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work for the Dead Women Poets Society recently, which is always nice to do coz those guys are lovely and you should really check out their stuff. You can see the original illustrations I did of the four founding members right here.

Since my initial involvement with the group, they’ve gone to host loads of exciting events as they carve out spaces for female poets (both dead and alive). I guess I kinda illustrate everyone that is invited to speak at the DWPS shows, which means I’ve gathered a little collection of some awesome poets…


Because I’m in Canada for a while, it means I can’t make any of their events, which is sad. But you might not be in Canada! In fact you might (well, probably are) in the UK. So what do ya think? Wanna go see some cool women read out some of their cool words? If you’re around Sheffield on the 3rd of December go check them out.

The poets illustrated above are:

You can listen to the song I’ve been listening to on loop whilst writing this here.

catcha later x

So sometimes I get involved in a bit of student activism, coz it is practically the duty of every Sociology student. After my exams were over this year, I organised a protest gig with a lot of help from my friends (thank you!!!!!!). It was part of a wider campaign against Durham Uni’s spiraling accommodation and international fees.

I did a bit of drawing in the lead up to the event to, you know, just introduce some of the brill musicians and bands who were going to play.

four dead talented ladies

The gig was a wake (*cough* six month late after party *cough*), following Durham student’s funeral for accessible education in December.

Empty Shop (go check them out, they are gr9) kindly let us use their space and it all ended up going pretty well. Take a look at the gravestone backdrop I painted for the night next to a fun time photo of me bossing my friends around

gig photos

Oh and look here are some more photos of how busy the place got, because I still can’t quite believe it…

more gig photos

Getting someone to sit for you while you paint them with some cheap poster paint is quite a weird thing for both the painter and the painted (wow I used the word paint a lot just then). I’m trying to paint a lot of people who are in my life, here are two out of five of my housemates:


Don’t worry I plan to paint the other three soon, in the meantime whist we wait for those, why don’t you listen to a cool playlist I made for my friends. Now you’ve visited this site, we’re practically friends too.

For a little while now, I’ve been doing some illustration and design work for an ongoing project called ‘Dead [Women] Poet Society’, created by four female poets from across the UK.

dwps: bradford versionAbove is a little poster design for a show they put on a while back now.

Facebook Banner

I’ve also been making them many Facebook banners for all the shows they put on, and they put on quite a lot. These guys are very busy. Below are the original drawings of the very busy founding members themselves… Dead faces lowres

I’m really honored to have worked for these women, they are super talented and you should really check them all out. See if you can spot my illustrations in this funky video (filmed at one of their readings) by Will Firth…